Get #TweetDeck to Work on #Kubuntu #KDE

I have struggled for a long time to get TweetDeck to work on Kubuntu. Today I went back to debugging the issue. I did some googling and figured out that the issue is its integration with Kwallet. A couple of google searches later found this link. And now TweetDeck works!

This is how you can get it work.

1. Make sure KDE wallet is running.

ps ax | grep kwalletd

2. Exit TweetDeck if its running

pkill TweetDeck

3. Clear the Encrypted Local Storage

rm -rf ~/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/ELS

4. Start TweetDeck and add an account. It will ask permission to access Kwallet. Click on “Always”

5. Thats it! You’re done. Enjoy Tweeting 🙂

Let me know if this works for you.


FYI the different errors that I was getting are:

It looks like your computer is one of a very small number of computers that don’t play well with Adobe AIR

TweetDeck is having trouble accessing some secure passwords that are stored on the machine

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