Launchpad PPA for Installing Super Mario clone Mega Mario on Ubuntu

Who doesn’t love Super mario? 🙂 This Super Mario Clone => Mega Mario runs decently well on Linux. Though I am not into gaming anymore, I do love to play ‘the classic games’ once in a while :). And I don’t like to install the “make install” way. I like packages – deb/rpm. So I have packaged Mega Mario and added it to my PPA. Install it and Enjoy it.

You can add the repository to your system using the following command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pratikmsinha/freethinkers.packages

Once that’s done, update the apt cache and install the application.

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install megamario

If you want further guidance regarding adding PPA repositories look at this link. It has screenshots and alternate instructions for older ubuntu systems.

You should find Mega Mario under Games => Arcade.


1. Mega Mario main menu freezes at times. Just be patient.
2. Sometimes it screws up the resolution after it exits. If you are a command line junkie, you can use xrandr to restore the original resolution. Alternatively you can use krandrtray (for KDE) or grandr (for Gnome) to restore the original resolution.


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