I dislike the documentation sites that most open source softwares have, they usually lack character. However the good news is that since a lot of documentation is in docbook it can be easily converted to HTML, PDF etc very easily and you can style it the way you like it. I have been working on docbook and docbook conversion for the past 3 months and have learnt enough to make decent looking documentation. So I decided to convert some open source documentation and slap some css on it. Here are the preliminary results:

Linux From Scratch http://www.humbug.in/docs/lfs/
Beyond Linux From Scratch http://www.humbug.in/docs/blfs
SVN Book (English) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-en/
SVN Book (German) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-de/
SVN Book (Spanish) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-es/
SVN Book (Italian) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-it/
SVN Book (Norwegian) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-nb
SVN Book (Russian) http://www.humbug.in/docs/svnbook-ru/

I plan to add EPUB, PDF and Kindle versions of the document soon. Also plan to add other books.

Suggestions are most welcome.

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