SmartGit – A Solid Cross-Platform Git GUI Client

I have been looking for a git client for linux for a very long time. I use git-cola on and off, but never been happy with it. The only time I need a git client is to look at logs and extract snippets of code that I have used in the past. Otherwise I do all the ‘pulling’ and ‘pushing’ at the command line. I haven’t found a way to extract a clean snippet using git-cola. However with SmartGit, it was ridiculously simple to get a clean snippet of code that I needed. It also integrates with Github, Beanstalk, Codebase and Unfuddle. Its free for non-commercial use.

Go ahead and give it a try =>

They have a downloadable tarball. Untar that in any directory of your choice and then run the script inside the bin directory. If you have openjdk, like I do, it will spurt an ugly error and exit. Basically it doesn’t quite like openjdk and warns that bad things might happen when used with openjdk. However within the ugly error message, it gives a work around to force it anyway.

Open with your favorite code editor.

Look for the following line (Line 78 at the time of writing).


Change this to

_VM_PROPERTIES=" -Dsmartgit.checkIncompatibleJava=false"

Try and execute once again. This time it should work. You’ll see a few prompts to configure SmartGit and then you’re good to go.

Now enjoy slicing and dicing your code.

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