Activate 3G on Mobifone – APN Settings

Note to self. I keep forgetting the procedure and have to google it all the time.

  • Purchase a Mobifone sim card (ofcourse>
  • Setup the APN for Mobifone on your phone
    APN/GPRS access point: m-wap
    Username: mms
    Password: mms
    Proxy Settings:
    Port No: 8080
  • Activate GPRS by sending “Dk Gprs” in an sms to 994
  • Activate Data by sending “DATA_ON” in an sms to 999
  • Reboot your phone

This works for me.

script.js – Async JavaScript loader and dependency manager

$script.js is an asynchronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager with an astonishingly impressive lightweight footprint. Like many other script loaders, $script.js allows you to load script resources on-demand from any URL and not block other resources from loading (like CSS and images). Furthermore, it’s unique interface allows developers to work easily with even the most complicated dependencies, which can often be the case for large, complex web applications.

ControlJS is a JavaScript module for making scripts load faster.


  • downloads scripts asynchronously
  • handles both inline scripts and external scripts
  • delays script execution until after the page has rendered
  • allows for scripts to be downloaded and not executed
  • integrates with simple changes to HTML . no code changes
  • solves some document.write async use cases
  • control.js itself is loaded asynchronously