Get Android Remote Notifier to work with Unity on Ubuntu Natty (11.04) and Oneiric (11.10)

Ubuntu Natty onwards, the default desktop manager is Unity. Unity has disabled the default system tray, and applications which wish to show up on the Unity panel should support Ubuntu Application Indicators. Unfortunately Android Remote Notifier doesn’t support App Indicators yet and hence doesn’t show up in the Unity panel on being executed. Luckily for us, there’s a way to get around this issue. Continue reading

Wireless Sniffer on Ubuntu Linux – Capture / Analyze Network Traffic

Jotting down an easy recipe to get a 802.11 sniffer working on Ubuntu Linux. To be able to capture 802.11 packets, the first step is to figure out how to configure your wireless card to make it operate in monitor mode. That procedure differs from one vendor to other. We can take the guess work out by using the airmon-ng utility from the wonderful aircrack-ng software suite. It creates a new network interface which is automatically configured to operate in monitor mode. Its compatible with most wireless cards that are shipped with the laptops these days. You can check here, whether your card is compatible or not. Once we have the wireless interface capable of capturing, we can use Wireshark to capture the packets. Continue reading

Sort and List Installed Ubuntu/Debian Packages by size

If you’re like me, you’ll try every package in the Ubuntu Repository. I just love to try different applications. But then I end up having zillions of applications on my laptop and hardly any disk place. Thats when I start pruning. But for that I need to know what to prune. Thats what the following script does. It lists and sorts all the installed deb packages according to size.

perl -ne '$pkg=$1 if m/^Package: (.*)/; print "$1\t$pkg\n" if m/^Installed-Size: (.*)/;' < /var/lib/dpkg/status | sort -rn | less

SmartGit – A Solid Cross-Platform Git GUI Client

I have been looking for a git client for linux for a very long time. I use git-cola on and off, but never been happy with it. The only time I need a git client is to look at logs and extract snippets of code that I have used in the past. Otherwise I do all the ‘pulling’ and ‘pushing’ at the command line. I haven’t found a way to extract a clean snippet using git-cola. However with SmartGit, it was ridiculously simple to get a clean snippet of code that I needed. It also integrates with Github, Beanstalk, Codebase and Unfuddle. Its free for non-commercial use. Continue reading

Google Analytics Real Time Statistics using a Javascript Bookmarklet

There are many companies which develop web analytics software suites, hoping that they would upstage Google Analytics (some day). Their main claim being that they are ‘real-time’, while Google analytics is not. However that’s not true, because Google Analytics does collect stats in near real-time, but for some reason they never show the latest stats by default, it’s always a day old. If you want to see your latest stats, you can use the date selector combo-box to change the date range to include today’s stats. Here’s a tutorial which shows how. However its cumbersome to do that all the time. So I created (mostly stole) a bookmarklet to always include the latest stats. Continue reading