There’s a lot of criticism out there for the Unity Desktop Environment. Strangely I can’t echo the same sentiments. I quite like using Unity (mind you not Ubuntu). Here are a few reasons why and why not.

The Unity Launcher: I have always loved launchers. Back in the days, when I would change desktop environments every second day – fluxbox, gnome, kde, wmaker, etc, one thing was constant. I had gnome-panel (&) start from my xinitrc irrespective of what distribution I used. Also I have never been a fan of taskbars. The Unity launcher marries the traditional launcher with a highly usable taskbar. It had some usability issues when Ubuntu initially switched to Unity, but it’s almost perfect now with AppIndicator Support. I can have upto 15 applications open at the same time and it’s still a breeze to manage them.Continue reading

I haven’t been as excited about a new announcement in the Linux world since Google came out with Android. Canonical just announced ‘Ubuntu for Android’ – its a release that will enable a full desktop computing experience on a docked Android smartphone.

It will work like a normal Android phone when not docked, but once its docked, you can have the complete Ubuntu experience. This means common storage – contacts, bookmarks, documents. And it can handle calls and smses when docked!Continue reading