Fast Parallel Downloading/Upgrading for Ubuntu using aptitude/apt-get/aria2c

I recently moved to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam from the US of A. There’s a lot different between the two countries – the people, the culture. I am throughly enjoying my stay in this city, the social life is rocking, the food is amazing and the people are very nice. However, there are a few things I do miss about the US of A and one of those things being the blazing fast Internet speeds. Continue reading

Firefox in linux too slow? I found a fix!

Is Firefox in Linux too slow for you? Does the new Places/URL/Location bar keep freezing every time you try writing something in it? I have had this issue consistently since I upgraded from Firefox 2.x to Firefox 3.0.

I tried googling the issue a zillion times and tried several solutions I found on various forums and blogs but all efforts amounted to naught. Damn, I felt defeated. I finally resigned and reverted to the old URL bar.

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Linear Backoff for Net SNMP retries

By default, all snmp retries are transmitted at the same interval. However, we don’t want that to happen when the client is on a vpn connection or the network is flaky and the responses to snmp requests reach later than the timeout period. In such cases, we would want an increasing timeout value to accommodate snmp entities which cannot respond within the timeout interval.

Does that sound too complicated? In fact, this can be done very easily. Here’s a little tip.
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