I am a freelance Linux consultant with almost 10 years of experience working in Embedded Linux, 802.11 protocol stack, Device Drivers, SNMP based network monitoring solutions and various open source softwares. I help my clients deal with the technology challenges that Linux-based projects may present. Mostly, I offer remote support, which has proven to be very cost-effective for my clients.

Email, Skype and telephone based support is available for clients who need an experienced freelance Linux consultant to debug issues.

Here’s a catalogue of services I offer:
(I’m always up for a challenge, so even if you don’t see anything specifically pertinent to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear about your project and see if I can help!)

Embedded Linux Systems and Services

  • Linux Kernel Porting and Optimization (Low Footprint)
  • Application Porting and Optimization
  • Custom Configuration Backend
  • Embedded Web Development (C-CGI, C++-CGI)
  • Package Management

Android Application Development

  • Specialize in Backend Code
  • Android JNI Interface

Gateway Routers (Frontend and Backend)

  • Firewall (Iptables
  • VPN (Ipsec, OpenVPN)
  • Proxy Server (Squid)
  • DHCP Server (dhcpd, dnsmasq)
  • Access Point
  • DMZ

XML Based Projects

  • XSL Transformations
  • Schematron Validation
  • Programming with libxml2

Free and Open Source Software Solutions

  • Customized Linux Distributions – Live CDs as well as Desktop Distributions.
  • Remote installation/configuration of popular Open Source Software (WordPress/MediaWiki/Drupal/Shorewall/Mysql etc)
  • Online Training and Email based support for Linux-based projects.

Network Monitoring Solutions

  • SNMP
  • Telnet

Device Driver Development

  • Porting and Optimization of Atheros Wireless Drivers
  • Customization and Porting of ath5k, ath9k and madwifi drivers

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