I was bored with the default breadcrumbs that come with Theme Hybrid. Wanted something new. I looked up some tutorials for nice looking breadcrumbs. Found this one which I liked quite a lot and decided to implement it for Humbug. Usually, things are very simple with Theme Hybrid, but this one was slightly ugly. Here’s the code that I used:Continue reading

Equal Height Columns is a widely debated subject. There are a variety of solutions for it: faux columns, fat border and negative margins, etc. I like to be a purist and hence try to do things in pure css as often as I can, but I leaned towards JavaScript for this one. The traditional way of doing it using JavaScript is to calculate heights of the main content column and the sidebar columns and then change the height of the shorter block so that it is equal to the height of the taller block. Theoretically it sounds straightforward. However the gotcha is that there are not many cross browser solutions for calculating height correctly. jQuery’s height function has a bug in Opera, needs a work around. For some reason, it wouldn’t work correctly in IE7 either. Changing the column heights isn’t smooth either and causes flickering. Continue reading

In wordpress, if 2 widgets are stacked horizontally, there is no straightforward way of setting the width of the left widget as x and that of the right widget as y through php/css. The only way to accomplish that is by using hardcoded class definitions in the css. I have jotted down an easy solution for this problem in the wordpress ideas forum. However the code that I pasted looks all gibberish because most of the HTML tags in the code are not allowed. Hence this post for anybody who wants to see the code and other details.Continue reading