Host Custom Gems with Dreamhost – Your Own Gem Server

I have started working on a webapp on Heroku. Heroku requires you to specify where your external gems come from. This is nice as you can specify a RubyForge, RubyGems, GitHub or any repository for that matter. However RubyGems is the de-facto gem host these days. All the gems on RubyGems have owners/co-owners and only they can update/upgrade the gem. Now what happens if you have a lazy gem owner who hasn’t updated the gem for over 2 years? You get an outdated gem. The only option is to update the gem yourself and host it elsewhere. Thats what made me create my custom gem server on Dreamhost. Continue reading

Custom PHP Compilation for DreamHost

I have been playing around with Symphony CMS the past one week (I’m kinda bored of WordPress). I use Dreamhost for all my hosting needs. Dreamhost is also one of the recommended hosts for Symphony, but has a low 3 star rating. I soon figured out why – one of the core symphony features called ensemble doesn’t work on Dreamhost because PHP on Dreamhost isn’t compiled with the ZipArchive class. Continue reading