Here’s a code snippet which will let you rotate multiple banner advertisements for all the ad spaces you have on your HTML pages. I wrote this because I didn’t want to use an ad server and wanted a light weight yet elegant solution. What the below code does is, it creates a SSI variable ‘slot’ which can have possible values of 1-12. Each value corresponds to a 5 second slot. Source this file at the start of your HTML file and then use the slot variable anywhere in your HTML code to rotate data according to time based slots.Continue reading

Sometime back I worked on this upcoming Ruby On Rails Book and helped the author convert his docbook to various formats like HTML, PDF, EPUB, Kindle etc. While working with the HTML output, I figured that the standard output spewed out by the Docbook XSL stylesheets is quite boring. So I improvised a lil, added per page TOC, pretty css, icons etc. I spent quite some time on the per page TOC feature. Here’s the XSL template that I wrote for the TOC.Continue reading