I dislike the documentation sites that most open source softwares have, they usually lack character. However the good news is that since a lot of documentation is in docbook it can be easily converted to HTML, PDF etc very easily and you can style it the way you like it. I have been working on docbook and docbook conversion for the past 3 months and have learnt enough to make decent looking documentation. So I decided to convert some open source documentation and slap some css on it. Here are the preliminary results:Continue reading

Usually, when you open PDF files in Okular, it opens in the same okular window all the time. However there are times when you want to refer to more than one pdf file at the same time and would need multiple instances of the software to run. The way to get Okular to run unique instances is by firing it with the --unique argument.

okular --unique

You could also put this in your .bashrc or .bash_aliases if you want it as a permanent fix.

alias okular="okular --unique"