Easily Create Sitemaps for Static HTML Websites Using Google’s Sitemap Generator Tool

All popular CMS softwares come with addons/plugins to automatically generate sitemaps for your website everytime you add new content. I recently added a few documentation sites which are all plain html files. I needed a tool to generate the sitemap files for these websites. After googling around a bit, I came across google’s own sitemap generation tool. It’s a very good tool and I highly recommend it for sitemap generation for html websites. Continue reading

Adding Custom Post Types to Sitemap

The Google Sitemap Generator WordPress Plugin is the most widely used plugin to generate a sitemap for a wordpress site. However it doesn’t support custom types yet. Hence the Google Bot hasn’t been visiting my website as frequently coz the sitemap doesn’t have the posts I add on my custom microblog. So I modified the plugin to add support for all public non-built-in post types. Here’s the patch.

To apply the patch, go to the folder of the google sitemap generator plugin ROOTDIR/wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator and execute the below command.

zcat sitemap.patch.gz | patch -p0

Do make sure you specify the correct path for sitemap.patch.gz.

If you want a more elegant solution, go here. I found it after I wrote the patch :(.

I’m adding it directly to the plugin code, hoping that the next release of the plugin would bring support for custom post types and I won’t have to worry about the patch being overwritten.