Adsense Client – Simple Adsense Application for your Android Phone

Introducing “Adsense Client” – a new Android application I have created to help you track your Adsense Earnings on the go. I have been look for a decent application to track my Adsense Earnings. However all the free applications are severely limited and do not offer even the basic functionalities and hence I decided to make one of my own. This is my first attempt at making a full fledged Android application. I have tested this application across all Android software versions greater than 1.5. This application won’t work for Android s/w versions less than 1.5.

Adsense Client has the following features:

● Instantly see your earnings for today, yesterday, this week, this month, last month and all time.

● Get detailed reports for ad clicks, impressions, eCPM, CTR and PPC

● Switch between Clean or Compact themes.

Checkout this video to see some screenshots

To download the application search for the phrase “Adsense Client” on your phone. Alternatively you can scan the below QR code using the Barcode Scanner application.


Please let me know in your comments how you like the application, the problems you face with the application and what kind of improvements you would like to see in the application.


  1. I think you should know Android Market is not doing you any good.
    I installed the free version, it’s OK and I want to buy it now. Market says that the application cannot be installed on my phone, HTC Desire S. Surely the app works on my phone, becouse the free version does.

  2. Nice! I bought an HTC Desire phone last week and am downloading your app right now.

    Just 1 comment for you – I think AdSense Client is not a very intuitive name for this app. Maybe AdSense Earnings Tracker or AdSense At A Glance or something along those lines sounds more correct.

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