Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in KDE

While writing a post, I wanted to link a simple tutorial for creating custom keyboard shortcuts in KDE. However I couldn’t find a single tutorial! So here is one:

  1. Hit Alt+F2 (or your custom shortcut for the Run Dialog)
  2. Enter System Settings to start up the tool
  3. Double Click on Shortcuts and Gestures under Application appearance and Behavior
  4. Click on Edit towards the bottom of the screen which opens a popup menu
  5. Navigate to New => Global Shorcut => Command/URL and left click on Command/URL
  6. Change the default name New Action to anything of your choice
  7. Go to the Trigger tab and click on None and press a key combination of your choice
  8. Go to the Action tab and select/enter the path to the script/executable

Pictures speak louder than words..

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