How to Access Facebook in Vietnam – Part 2

For the longest time, to access Facebook, just changing my dns to use either google or opendns worked for me. However that trick doesn’t work anymore because all the IP Addresses that normally resolves to have been blocked by the ISPs in Vietnam. I had resorted to using sshuttle – which creates a tunnel between my laptop and my server in the US. It worked, but it was slow. However yesterday one of my friends gave me a list of IP Addresses for Facebook which haven’t been blocked yet. These can be added to your hosts file and you should be able to access Facebook again!

If you’re on Linux, add the above entries to /etc/hosts. For Windows, I think the path is => c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. This Wikipedia Article should help in case you need to figure out where your hosts file is.

You will get a invalid certificate warning, but its safe to ignore that.

Hope this helps.


  1. Hi,
    right, opendns is no longer of help.
    Came here looking for a solution, but yours isn’t working (for me).
    Instead I use ultrasurf now. Works just fine.

    Thanks anyway.

  2. I guess it’s only a matter of time before these are blocked too.

    However I don’t understand why using this workaround would cause an invalid certificate warning. Is it an out and out invalid certificate warning or a certificate warning of some other type?

    Could mean one of the following things:
    (1) At least one of these IP address is not Facebook’s
    (2) Browser is unable to check the certificate (but this would cause a lesser error)
    (3) ISP is tampering with the actual certificate being served by Facebook.

    And I would emphasise that in this day and age it is never safe to automatically ignore a certificate warning. It could be innocuous but I would not automatically ignore it for anything that mattered.

    1. yes actually, did lil more googling, these IP Addresses point to Facebook uses akamai for content delivery. So pointing to akamai works instead of pointing to facebook directly. And there’s a very good chance these IP Addresses won’t be blocked, because many companies use akamai for content delivery.

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