Install Arch Linux or any other Linux Distribution from USB Media

The first thing I want to do when I get a new laptop is install Linux on it. I usually don’t have rewritable CD/DVD handy and have to depend on USB flash drives to install Linux. Surprisingly, documentation for Arch Linux was sparse on this subject. However I looked up how its done on Ubuntu and it worked seamlessly for Arch Linux.

Use LiLi to install Arch Linux on your laptop/desktop using a USB Flash drive. Lili is for the laptops/desktops which have Windows as the sole OS and want to install Linux on it.

  1. Download LiLi from
  2. Download the latest Arch Linux ISO
  3. Plug in a USB Flash key and fire up LiLi
  4. Select the appropriate options and the ISO from the filesystem
  5. Burn the ISO onto the USB flash key
  6. Now reboot your system and make sure that you boot from the USB flash key (Use F12 key or update BIOS boot order)
  7. Now follow the regular Arch Linux installation procedure to install it on your system

Detailed steps for using LiLi can be found here.

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