Personal Bookmarking System with your Blog and Google’s Search, Plus Your World

Google’s Search, Plus Your World (SPYW) has come under severe criticism from several companies including Facebook and Twitter. And most of the criticism is quite fair according to me. However I am starting to find the SPYW feature quite useful, not because I’m getting great search results from my connections on Google Plus, but because it also shows my own personal suggestions right on the first page. This has been very useful, while I’ve been trying to find stuff on the internet, which I have found in the past and blogged about it.

For eg. A while back I had written a blog post about splitting strings with multi-character delimiters and I had +1’d the post when I integrated Google Plus buttons into my blog. Couple days back, I needed a similar solution again, and I had forgotten that I had already blogged about it in the past. As usual, I turned to Google for a solution, and typed in a few search terms, and the first result was from my blog post.

google search plus your world

That was cool, because I didn’t have to go through any other forum/blog posts to figure out a solution. Similarly, I have also started blogging about different open source projects from profiling tools to javascript libraries which I come across online and find interesting and might need in my future projects => essentially using my blog as a bookmarking tool. And I make sure that I +1 all the posts. These keep popping up in my search results while searching for various things, and I often find these results very useful.

Also using your blog as a bookmarking tool has multiple benifits.
– I’m not relying on a third party site (like delicious) to store my bookmarks.
– That also helps when sites like delicious change hands and you don’t like the new interface anymore.
– Seamless integration of your bookmarks and google search results. All the research that you’ve blogged about (and +1’d) will popup in your search results. This way you don’t have to search your bookmarking site everytime you want to look for something you’d bookmarked in the past.

Once Google Plus has a writeable API and blog post snippets can be automatically posted to Google Plus or posts can be +1’d programmatically, then the workflow will become smoother. Blogmark (blog + bookmark) everything that you find interesting, which in turn gets posted to google plus, and integrates with your search results.


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