Who doesn’t love Super mario? 🙂 This Super Mario Clone => Mega Mario runs decently well on Linux. Though I am not into gaming anymore, I do love to play ‘the classic games’ once in a while :). And I don’t like to install the “make install” way. I like packages – deb/rpm. So I have packaged Mega Mario and added it to my PPA. Install it and Enjoy it.Continue reading

I have started working on a Ruby on Rails project and am using Rails 3.0 as the base version. Rails 3.0 can be installed either with Ruby 1.8.7 or Ruby 1.9.1. I decided to go along with 1.9.1. However I soon found out that a lot of ruby-bindings have not been updated to support Ruby 1.9.1. I did not want a system with both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.1 versions. Continue reading

I have been playing around with Symphony CMS the past one week (I’m kinda bored of WordPress). I use Dreamhost for all my hosting needs. Dreamhost is also one of the recommended hosts for Symphony, but has a low 3 star rating. I soon figured out why – one of the core symphony features called ensemble doesn’t work on Dreamhost because PHP on Dreamhost isn’t compiled with the ZipArchive class. Continue reading

Besides xterm which is my all time favourite terminal app, Terminator is the other terminal app that I use on an everyday basis. I do a lot of coding and compiling in Terminator using vim. Its been an annoyance ever since I started using Linux (which is about 10 years now), that everytime I have to google an error, there’s no way of doing it in one singe step from any existing terminal app. Today I had an especially rough day with compilation errors and the repeated copy/pasting into google irritated the hell out me. Thats when I decided to add this support to Terminator knowing that its a python app and should be relatively simple to modify. It was infact quite easy to add the support and you can see the result of the effort below.Continue reading

Continuing my attempt to avoid wordpress plugins when possible and hand code the theme to include different functionalities, I looked around for php code snippets so that I could include the twitter anywhere code in my theme – the hovercards, the tweetbox and all that jing-bang. I found it here. I also added the tweetbox in addition to that. Here are the code snippets that you need to include in your theme’s functions.php to get twitter anywhere on your theme. Enjoy!Continue reading

There are lots of plugins in the wordpress plugin repository which can be used to integrate Facebook Like, Google buzz, TweetMeme Retweet etc with wordpress. However none of them provided all three functionalities at the same time or were flexible enough to integrate seamlessly with the theme. Hence I wrote a small php function which can be used to integrate the aforementioned services with any wordpress theme. You can see a live preview at the bottom of this post. Here’s the code:Continue reading