About a week back, I was writing a post on this blog and wanted to attach a shell script using WordPress Download Monitor. However when I tried to attach the script file (.sh extension), it gave me “No File Selected” error after trying to upload the file. Tried again, and the same result. I uploaded a zipped version of the file and that uploaded fine. So I figured, it must be an issue with the mime type/file extension. Found this link which reports the same issue and the solution.

Here’s how you fix this.

1. Log on to your server either through SSH or FTP.

2. Change directory to wp-includes directory in the root of your wordpress installation. For Eg (in my case)

cd ~/

3. Open the functions.php file with your favourite editor.

vi functions.php

4. Search for the get_allowed_mime_types function. At the time of writing, its at line 2275.

5. Go to the bottom of the function (Shift + ] in vim) and add a new entry at the end of all the mime type entries for the desired mime type. At the time of writing, all the openoffice formats are the bottom most entries.

// openoffice formats
 'odt' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text',
 'odp' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation',
 'ods' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet',
 'odg' => 'application/',
 'odc' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.chart',
 'odb' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.database',
 'odf' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula',

6.  See the sample screenshot below for the new ‘sh’ mime type entry. Check this link for a list of mime types.

I like my desktop to look pretty and be efficient at the same time.  As I have pointed out in my earlier post, I shifted from Gnome to KDE when KDE 4.2 was released. Gnome was fast and efficient but never pretty (no not even with the Shiki Themes). KDE 4.2+ is both fast (enough) and pretty. My only grudge has been that a few gtk applications that I still use (wicd, ephiphany etc) and Firefox do not integrate well with KDE.Continue reading

Last week, I wrote about how to make English the default language for Google Chrome Search. Well, Firefox has the same problem too, but I have never faced it because I use Firefox Bookmark Keywords to do all my searches. However for people living in countries where the default language is not English, all searches through the Firefox search bar will have non-English search results. Thankfully, its just a two step process to make English search results the default for Firefox.Continue reading

I have been missing Google Gears since the time I upgraded to Firefox 3.6 on my Karmic Desktop. Google hasn’t been kind enough to release an update. Yesterday while searching through Google, I came across this bug report on Google Gears Page.  I noticed that several people have been compiling Google Gears (Joys of Open Source!) for their platforms. In fact custom compiled version for Firefox 3.5 are available for download here. However I couldn’t find any compiled versions of Google Gears for Firefox 3.6. So I decided to give it a try.Continue reading

Every so often, Plasma freezes on me or the graphics get cluttered. It is a hassle to restart KDE (logout/login) when you have 101 tabs open in Firefox and several xterm windows.

I had been a Gnome user since shifting to Ubuntu a couple years back, and recently shifted to Kubuntu/KDE when KDE 4.2 was released. Its been mostly stable, except for the occasional Plasma issues. Individual components in Gnome can be easily killed/restarted. For eg Gnome Panel can be killed/restarted using the following command.Continue reading

If you came here looking for a way to unblock facebook, look at this post instead

Isn’t it an open secret that everybody uses proxies or OpenDNS to access Facebook in Vietnam? The government of Vietnam has blocked Facebook but a quick Google search will give you at least 10 different ways to feed your FB addiction (don’t deny it.. ha). Most people take the easy way and use one of the innumerable proxies. The techier of the lot harp on the advantages of Open DNS.

But have any of you tried Google Public DNS yet? If you haven’t, please do, pronto.Continue reading

Google Code provides a free collaborative development environment for open source projects. It has everything thats required for project hosting;  SVN/Mercurial repository for code hosting, Wiki for documentation, an Issue Tracker for Bug reports and a Downloads area so that you don’t need to host the packages on your personal website. There are alternatives to Google Code like SourceForge, Savannah etc, but Google Code according to me is the most responsive and simplistic. I have created/adopted a couple wordpress themes which I have been wanting to upload to Google Code for a long time, but haven’t gotten down to doing it partly due to laziness and partly due to lack of time.
Continue reading

I recently moved to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam from the US of A. There’s a lot different between the two countries – the people, the culture. I am throughly enjoying my stay in this city, the social life is rocking, the food is amazing and the people are very nice. However, there are a few things I do miss about the US of A and one of those things being the blazing fast Internet speeds.Continue reading

Is Firefox in Linux too slow for you? Does the new Places/URL/Location bar keep freezing every time you try writing something in it? I have had this issue consistently since I upgraded from Firefox 2.x to Firefox 3.0.

I tried googling the issue a zillion times and tried several solutions I found on various forums and blogs but all efforts amounted to naught. Damn, I felt defeated. I finally resigned and reverted to the old URL bar.

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