Freelance Linux Consultant with 10 years of experience working in Embedded Linux, 802.11 protocol stack, Device Drivers

Skill Sets

Programming: C, Shell Programming (Bash), PHP, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Java (Android)

Operating Systems: Linux

Networking: TCP/IP, Ethernet, 802.11, 802.11n, 802.1x, SNMP, Routers, Bridges

Non-Technical: Problem Solving, Customer service, Recruitment, Interpersonal, Management and Leadership

Work Experience

Co-Founder, Alt News

Started Feb 2017

As part of Alt News, we are working to expose the Fake news industry that has sprung up in India. I’m taking care of the administrative as well as editorial responsibilities as well as writing about and exposing fake news especially on social media.

Senior Software Engineer, Cloudleaf

February 2014 to August 2016

Worked extensively on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and developed a BLE software stack as part of Cloudleaf

Senior Software Engineer, Readme Systems

August 2013 to February 2014

As part of ReadMe Systems, we worked on digitizing consumer behavior in the physical shopping space. We worked on tracking the movements of a customer in closed space such as a supermarket and deliver targetted ads/coupons based on the location of the customer within the market to facilitate in sales and conversions.

Developed a Wifi sniffer to detect entry and exit of Smart Phones in a closed environment. Implemented the websockets interface to transport the wifi events (entry and exit) to the cloud. Additionally developed a mechanism to transport packets arriving on the UART port to the cloud through websockets.

Techno Manager, Infonam Inc

May 2012 to February 2013

San Diego, USA and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Lead, managed and coordinated an iOS team across several time zones and multi-lingual groups (US, Vietnam). Created an iPhone/iPad video discovery and delivery application for Mexico’s largest media conglomerate, Televisa in association with Kit Digital, San Diego.


December 2009 to May 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Worked on diverse projects during this period – both personal and professional.

  • Getting Arada Wi-FI Manager (AWM) to work in a cloud based environment. The Access Points authenticate with cloud based AWM server and a two-way communication channel is established. The Access Points relay all its configuration and statistics to the cloud based server.
  • Porting of Arada Wi-Fi Manager (AWM) to an embedded device – A Cavium based low flash, low memory appliance
  • API to Encode/Decode DSRC Message Set – Developed an API for BER/DER Encoding/Decoding of the DSRC (SAE J2735) Message Set using the ASN.1 specification provided by the standards body.
  • Locomessage – Developed an Android application for Arada Systems which will display bluetooth messages in real-time, received from an Automobile’s DSRC/802.11p based On Board Unit.
  • Adsense Client – Developed an Android Application to track Adsense Earnings. Used Android’s JNI interface to extract data using Curl
  • Docbook to PDF/HTML/EPUB conversion – Converted books written in Docbook to various output formats. The end product is hosted at
  • Automated Conversion of Docbook to other formats through a Web Interface – Developed a web interface using Ruby on Rails for automating conversion of Docbook books to various formats. Read my clients’ testimonial here
  • Other Activities:
    • Maintenance of the unofficial 1.9.x version of the Ruby Programming Language for Ubuntu.
    • Converted over 50 open source books and documentation in an easy to browse HTML format.

Arada Systems Inc

December 2004 to Nov 2009

Sunnyvale, USA

Member, Technical Staff

As the first employee of Arada Systems, I participated in the growth of the company from the grassroot level. Apart from writing code, I have also recruited people, looked for real estate, found architects, and populated the office. I have worked as a Software Developer, Kernel Engineer, Enterprise Support Engineer, Manager of the Enterprise Support Group.

  • Arada Wi-Fi Manager: Created a Telnet based layer for configuration (set data) through CLI for Cisco Aironet APs, Proxim APs etc.
  • Arada Wi-Fi Manager: Implemented a vendor independent SNMP control layer, providing an API for the upper layers to get and set data
  • Consulted with Atheros Communications as an Applications Engineer from Feb 2008 – Nov 2008 on behalf of Arada Systems.
  • Managed and lead the efforts in Enterprise Support by leveraging my knowledge in Atheros Chipsets/Products, 802.11, Linux, and thus facilitating customers in designing and integrating products using Atheros Chipsets and Driver.
  • Managed projects undertaken by the Enterprise Support group and ensured quality delivery.
  • Designed and implemented a TDMA based proprietary protocol for outdoor/citywide wireless on top of 802.11 to solve the inherent problems (Hidden Nodes, Exposed Nodes) that 802.11 has in WAN scenarios. A few wimax features were also used as part of this protocol. Used the Atheros Driver as the base and leveraged the Atheros chipset for the implementation. This project was done in collaboration with IIT Kanpur professor and students. Thesis work can be found here and here
  • Tested a VxWorks Release on top of Atheros AP for Wi-Fi compliance. Features tested were VAP, WPA, WPA2, Gained much knowledge about 802.11.
  • Other Achievements:
    • Developed the HotSpot feature for Netgear APs.
    • Researched all the ticketing systems available and chose and deployed Cerberus for the support infrastructure
    • Designed and managed the development of the Customer Portals.
    • Brought up the IT infrastructure of the company from scratch and participated regularly in IT activities and debugging IT issues.
    • Was actively involved in recruitment and interviewing. Participated in campus interviews for various colleges across India including the IITs.
    • Developed the course material for the worldwide training session in 802.11n for Arada and Atheros customers
    • Attended 2 Atheros Training Sessions, gaining valuable knowledge about Atheros chipsets and drivers.

Ubiqtech Software Pvt. Ltd.

May 2004 – Dec 2004

Bangalore, India

Senior Software Engineer

  • Worked as a System Integrator for Linux-based devices.
  • Contributed enormously to the R & D in the company.
  • Implemented the Firewall and VPN module of a Gateway Server(Anexgate).

Note: Ubiqtech Software Pvt. Ltd. was formed by the group of managers and engineers employed in DayBegins, after the dissolution of Daybegins.

DayBegins Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

July 2003 – May 2004

Bangalore, India

Junior Engineer

  • Worked as a System Integrator for Linux-based devices
  • Involved in R & D and Software Development.
  • Gained Expertise in Firewall, VPN (IPSec), Kernel Internals.

Majority of the work involved in porting Linux Kernel/Applications to different embedded boards (Motorola Coldfire and Xscale)

DeepRoot Linux Pvt. Ltd.

March 2000 – November 2000

Bangalore, India

Worked part-time as a Software Developer; Gained additional System Administration Skills.


1999 – 2003: B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics & Communication

Bangalore Institute of Technology affiliated to V.T.U., Belgaum

Interests and Know-How

  • I am a prolific reader, follow a lot of technical+linux blogs, so am up-to-date with whats happening in the linux world, also other blogs to learn tips and tricks (lifehacker & command line fu) and follow news (linux devices, linux today), follow internet companies and products (techcrunch, google blogs)
  • Passionate and Knowledgeable about open source technologies/products. Specialize in integrating open source technologies into new or existing products.
  • Extensive knowledge about the linux system. specialize in product integration, Good knowledge about package management on linux (RPM/DEB)
  • Very good at internet research, have a knack of finding things effortlessly
  • Have worked using multiple linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, ArchLinux, Debian, Mandriva)
  • Pretty good at ‘reading, modifying and deciphering’ different programming languages which aren’t my core expertise – perl, php etc
  • Have decent web designing and development skills. Designed, developed and maintain Specialize in wordpress, have played around with drupal too.
  • Enjoy travelling, trekking, hiking, swimming.


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