The first thing I want to do when I get a new laptop is install Linux on it. I usually don’t have rewritable CD/DVD handy and have to depend on USB flash drives to install Linux. Surprisingly, documentation for Arch Linux was sparse on this subject. However I looked up how its done on Ubuntu and it worked seamlessly for Arch Linux.Continue reading

Some might wonder, why would you do something like that? Install Unity on Arch Linux? Absolutely blasphemy. But really, I have fallen in love with this combination. Till a couple weeks back, I had been using Ubuntu for close to 4-5 years without experimenting with any other Linux distros. I usually resist the urge to install the alpha releases, but by the time the beta releases start coming out, I’m just itching to get hold of it, irrespective of how catastrophic it has turned out sometimes from the work perspective. So when Ubuntu 12.10 beta2 came out, I installed it. But I was sorely disappointed. Unity kept crashing for no good reason, generally not a very stable system. I know ‘beta’ versions aren’t supposed to be stable etc, but it shouldn’t crash as often as it did. Continue reading